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An outline of the services offered by Dooley Street Styling
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Are you one of these people who sift through photos of fabulous weddings thinking to yourself, ‘I can do that’? If so then this labour only package is for you.  This is for clients who have decided on a look, and have collected, crafted, begged borrowed and stolen till all the details have come together for the big day.


With this package we simply step in on the day and pull it all together to your specifications so you can hang with your homies and enjoy the day.   Hand your labour of love over to us.  Package includes as many emails and phone calls as necessary to get all the details right, and one meeting and site visit prior to the big day.


Package starts at $900, and can be pimped out with extra prop hire and/or florals

If you are struggling with the thought of where to even start to pull your event together, then talk to us about designing it for you. We can come up with a concept for you, taking into account your budget and all that’s important to you and go crazy with it!  We love the opportunity to really push ourselves creatively.


Each event is so different- budgets, numbers and needs vary, and therefore pricing on these is done on a case by case basis.  Don’t be scared, you might be pleasantly surprised.  Drop us a line to talk some more.

Dooley Street Styling has become a way of using all the ‘resources’ I have collected over the years and justification for purchasing more! We have a unique collection in props and decorations, many with a vintage flavour.


Browse our prop hire section to see what’s available and begin building a look and tracking costs for your special event by adding items to your wishlist.  Once your list is complete, flick it through to us for stock availability and a final quote.  We are happy to courier or deliver items to you or you can collect them from us.   Use the ‘Additional information’ box to let us know the date items are required and if delivery or pickup is preferred.


This is a constantly evolving collection, so if you can’t find what you want, let us know, and chances are we can source if for you.

We think florals take events to the next level, so we are always looking for excuses to use them in our work. We have no formal floristry training, but are lucky enough to have access to some amazing gardens that are a constant source of inspiration.  I am very passionate about working with flowers and foliage, and am always pushing myself to learn new skills and techniques.


Again, your needs here will be so specific to you and your event, that we price florals specifically to each job

Styling children’s parties is actually where Dooley Street Styling began, and it is still dearest to my heart. This is where we can really go crazy creative!  More is more is the motto here.


We have developed a bank of themed party packages, but can also create a party in keeping with a love or interest specific to your child.


We have found it easiest to price children’s parties on a per head basis ($10per child) which includes: table coverings and centrepiece, a place setting for each child and themed hanging decorations.